Self-care, balance & wellness

Welcome to my blog. I decided to write here to share some of what I’ve learned and continue to explore on my journey to better health and well-being.

I start with this topic because I believe that personal wellness is grounded in practicing good self-care, day after day. Over time, we can achieve and maintain improved health and greater happiness. One key is paying attention to current habits and developing new ones.

rocks in balance

The beauty of balance

You’re probably familiar with what I’ll call self-care fundamentals:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking enough water
  • Physical activity (workouts at the gym, gardening, bicycling, whatever gets your heart pumping)
  • Social connection (love, intimate friendships, supportive community)
  • Contemplative practices, such as a meditation or spending time in nature
  • Eating well, which includes regular meals (preferably prepared at home) featuring a variety of vegetables and other plant foods

Much of what I explore in this blog will touch on these fundamentals, with a special emphasis on eating. When eating patterns indicate we are out of balance–overeating, poor food choices, late-night snacking–it is often related to one or more of these factors. The impulse to reach for something to eat after a substantial evening meal may be a signal that what’s really needed is rest. When not physically hungry, the search for something in the refrigerator to feel better may be a sign that the real hunger is for something else–conversation with a friend, a few minutes of peaceful contemplation, a walk or a hug.

When I get off track, it usually helps to ask, How I am doing with these fundamentals? What adjustments could help to restore balance?

I’ve observed the same in friends, family and co-workers. Our bodies, minds and spirits are nourished–and can be undermined–by daily practices. When we get by with too little sleep and drink more coffee or soda than water, for example, other aspects of our lives are affected. With little or no exercise or quiet time to get perspective on our lives, there is an increase in stress and discontent. If we don’t think we have time to shop for ingredients and cook some of our meals at home, it’s likely other essentials are being squeezed out of our schedules also. Experience teaches that it’s all connected.

If you can relate to this, I hope you’ll read on.

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