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I have struggled with issues around eating and weight for much of my life. Like millions of other people, I explored seemingly sensible ways to get and stay thin. And like millions of other people, I lost weight only to gain it back again. At various times, some approaches worked better than others, but no weight-loss plan proved to be (for me) a long-lasting solution. Finally I came to see that building a sustainable way of nourishing myself–one that wasn’t based on deprivation, dieting and struggle–was a better approach, both for weight management and general well-being.

Photograph of David Bachman

David Bachman

In this blog, I offer what I’ve learned and continue to learn and observe about health, nutrition, and living a positive and purposeful life.

Studying nutrition helped me to understand that no one way of eating serves every person equally. There is, however, a broad consensus that the “standard American diet” (or just “SAD”) is one of most, if not the most, unhealthy ways to feed the body. It includes fast food, processed and liquid carbohydrates, and “food-like” products with large quantities of added salt, fat and sugar. I encourage others to move consciously away from the SAD while building a more nourishing plan of eating that serves their individual needs as they strive for optimum health.

Through studying positive psychology and exploring the growing body of literature in the field, I’ve become more keenly aware of certain powerful ideas and success principles. Mindful awareness and consistent effort help us develop new neural pathways, which change the ways our brains work. We can cultivate habits that increase gratitude, mental focus, growth, resiliency and joy. This cultivation is the journey from coping to thriving!

If these themes engage you, I believe you will find this blog and the resources in this site to be useful.  ~DB


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