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Many videos address the American food system and other subjects addressed in this site. Many of these DVDs can be purchased or borrowed from a public library; some are available for live-streaming. For those who are seeking to make healthy changes, these can be excellent for information, reinforcement and inspiration.

Below are lists of videos by category, followed by TED Talks and other Internet-accessible videos:

Videos on Nutrition and Food Culture

  • Fresh – upbeat documentary contrasts small, sustainable farming with industrial monoculture and confinement animal agriculture operations; commentary by Michael Pollan
  • Hungry for Change – explores the way modern Western culture and development of addicting, nutrient-deficient food products drive a wave of eating-related disease
  • Fed Up – on added sugar in the American diet and its role in obesity among adults and children; featuring Katie Couric
  • Food, Inc. – an expose on big food corporations and the way what we eat is manufactured and marketed, featuring Eric Schlosser, Pollan and others; and a call to action
  • Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – inspirational film featuring Joe Cross; on juice fasting and shifting away from the Western diet to plant-based nutrition
  • Forks Over Knives – film advocates vegetarian, healthy eating to promote wellness and vitality
  • Vegucated – entertaining and sobering documentary explores what happens when three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers decide to go vegan for six weeks; commentary by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  • Controlling Blood Sugar – informative talk by nutrition consultant Valerie Hall about insulin, diabetes and risk factors, insulin resistance, glycemic index, foods and other factors that drive up blood sugar (especially sugar and white flour-based products), weight gain (in body’s mid-section)
  • Super Size Me – classic 2004 documentary featuring Morgan Spurlock and his adventure eating nothing but McDonalds for 30 days (it didn’t go well)

Videos on Positive Psychology

  • Happy –  on happiness and what people can do to increase it
  • Happiness 101 – some core ideas in positive psychology, by Tal ben-Shahar; produced by PBS and available via YouTube

TED Talks

From the TED library of Internet-accessible talks, some notable examples of talks that address happiness, health and well-being are listed below.

Other Online Videos


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