Self-Care Fundamentals

Fundamental aspects of good self-care form the foundation for living our best lives. Daily attention to these fundamentals supports everything else we do:

  • Enough sleep (at least 7 hours for adults; most of us don’t get that much)best-practices-sign
  • Regular physical activity (make it something you enjoy doing that gets your body moving enough to work up a sweat)
  • Drinking enough water (while needs vary, most people don’t get enough; 1.5 to 2 liters daily is a reasonable goal) before warning signs of dehydration appear
  • Eating well: moving away from the standard American diet (SAD); adopting a plan of eating that is rich in plant foods (including vegetables, whole grains, beans and lentils, nuts, seeds and fruits)
  • Maintaining stable blood sugar (mostly by making conscious choices about food and drink)
  • Social connection (intimate relationships, community involvement, all kinds of supportive, face-to-face contact)
  • Mindfulness practice (such as meditation, prayer or spending time in nature)
  • Identifying and modifying patterns of behavior that are inherently unhealthy or that can become unhealthy when done to excess (addictions, compulsions and unhelpful habits)

Many of us know these fundamentals but struggle (a) to decrease what hurts us and (b) to add more of what serves us. This site will explore research and resources, and provide suggestions for making changes.

The underlying page provides more detail on eating guidelines and suggestions.

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