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Much useful information is available via Internet on all the topics addressed on this site. These are among the online resources that I consult for reliable information, healthy guidance and new ideas.

General Wellness

Positive Psychology

  • Greater Good in Action – from UC Berkeley, this site “collects the best research-based methods for a happier, more meaningful life—and puts them at your fingertips in a format that’s easy to navigate and digest”
  • Happify – “the most important findings from the latest research on the science of happiness”
  • Self-Compassion – from Kristin Neff, includes research papers, guided meditations, more
  • VIA Institute on Character – includes free character strengths survey, an online test that generates an individual Character Strengths Profile

Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit


Addiction & Recovery

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – information about 12-Step program for recovery, including online access to primary texts, meeting information
    • Note: Other fellowships are patterned after AA; see the websites, which provide access to literature, meeting information, etc.: Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), Debtors Anonymous (DA), and others
  • Buddhist Recovery Network – supports use of Buddhist teachings to help people to recover from the suffering caused by addictive behaviors
  • SMART Recovery – focus on self-empowerment; secular alternative to 12-Step recovery programs

Men’s Wellness

Social Action

  • Indivisible – site provides a guide and practical information for those opposed to policies of the Trump administration
  • Grist – Grist is environmentally focused, progressive news and commentary site (includes sections on Food, Living, Politics)
  • Yes! magazine – focus on peace & justice, new economy, happiness, environment, people power
  • – climate movement organization associated with Bill McKibben

General News Sources on Health and Well-Being

Simple Living

Other links


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